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Cathouse in the Snow

Cathouse in the Snow
What a lovely day in Paradise

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring time

Yes, I think spring is here, thunderstorm tonite with some small hail.  Just got my walk done when it started.  Yep, timed that just right.  Thank God the hail was very small, don't need anything like last fall.  Good news here in the trailer park, we thought there were going to be new owners, but guess the deal fell through at the last minute.  That is fine with me cause I like the folks that work here, Mary, Steve; just good folks and they did not want to leave.  So I am glad about that, gets to be a bit of a family here and we tend to look out for each other.  One thing I had heard was that new owners were talking about electric meters on power etc.  Anyway some of the rumors I heard.  At least for now we shall see what happens.  I plan to do a post about the Marvin Bar very soon, hopefully this weekend when weather is cold and nasty.  Old man winter still is trying to hold on, but I think he will go down in flames soon, I hope:)

Well, all I will post for now "The Alamo" with John Wayne is on and think I will finish watching that.  Tomorrow the cat will howl at the local watering hole. 

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  1. Hi Tim, We'll see you soon. Plan to be at Blasi on April 6, 7 and 8.
    It will be good to see you and hopefully a few more of the FSI gang.
    Nice to see a new journal entry.
    Take care my friend.