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Cathouse in the Snow

Cathouse in the Snow
What a lovely day in Paradise

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Well, bout time I make a post here.  I will try to do better, just a lot going on.  27 degrees here in ICT with clouds, trying to snow or whatever.  We have not had snow yet, not that it breaks my heart.  After growing up on the farm with it, was a lot of work, boy does that bring back memories.  Sometimes things were a lot simpler then.  The good old days where as kids, Christmas was with family, school, and church.

Our grade school would put on a Christmas Program every year in Marvin, SD and man did we ever pack that old hall.  Folks from all around would come and support us and the school and it was all good.  There would be full days we would practice, good news is no school work, but we learned how to work together under the careful guidance from our teacher Mrs. Lisa Halverson.  She was a good one, God rest her soul.  I think of her often especially at this time of year.  The best teacher I ever had!!!

After the school program and always on a Saturday, we would have Santa Claus day.  I would help Dad set up the PA as he was the announcer for the event.  Dad was great at those sorts of things with a loud voice and a great gift of BS and humor.   Kids and parents from all over would gather to get a chance to meet the "old boy"  Santa that is, and it was great.  We all got a big bag of Christmas candy and peanuts in the shells.  Remember that old crunchy candy.   After Santa left we had a big drawing with donated items from the merchants in town and most walked away with a prize.  What a great thing to grow up with. 

Then off to the Church Program, where we dealt with the true meaning of Christmas, the "Christ Child."  Too many times we get caught up with the season and forget what it is all about.  Again we packed the house here and we gave gifts to our Sunday School teachers and we got gifts from them.  One of the best was from Bob Stewart who gave us a box of .22 shells as he knew we all loved to shoot and hunt. 

Christmas eve was with family from my Dad's side and that is when we would open presents.  I remember one Christmas eve when it was snowing so thick our guests could not make it down the driveway and the steep hill into the farm yard.  So what did I do, well we hooked up the manure spreader to the old Massey tractor, drove up the hill, got them with all the gifts, and head down to the yard so we could have Christmas.  Yes, the spreader was empty.  Afterward we would brave the "elements" and head back up the hill and up the driveway to their car so they could go home.  Great memories.  Christmas eve of 1968 when Apollo 8 was in lunar orbit and we listened to the astronauts read about the creation from the bible.  One of the best quotes, "Merry Christmas to all of you, All of you on the good Earth."  Another fine memory!!

On Christmas Day it was always to my Grandma and Grandpa Quale's home and have Christmas dinner there with all the family from Mom's side.  Grandma was always a great cook and we never went away hungry.  Got rest her soul along with my Mom and other Grandparents.  The world is a lessor place without them.  Christmas has never been the same since but we move on.

  Now it is my turn to carry on as I will be with my daughter Tina, her boyfriend and his kids who are my "other grandkids."  As we know life goes on and we learn to cope.  Let us be thankful for our health, family, and friends and not forget our roots. 

Life in the RV is good.  Finally figured out the heat situation with the space heaters along with help from the furnace as needed to keep warm.  Cheaper with the space heaters.  Got the Christmas tree up, just a small one, a gift from my Mom of which I will cherish along with her memory.  Also some stockings and Santa on a Harley, got to have that.  Oh, one other thing which I consider to be a great idea is I got an indoor/outdoor temp gage.  I have the outdoor sensor in the compartment where the water pump and lines are and keep tabs on the temps there.  Good way to make sure we don't have freeze-up problems.  Also got a heated outdoor water hose and it seems to work good.  It had better for 90 big ones.

 So as another Christmas comes and goes we have to thankful for our blessings in life and keep the "Stray Cats" under control.  I will talk about the trip back from SD, blown tire, and Sept 15 hail storm that damaged my roof etc.  Just need more time in front of this thing. 

Sunday, October 31, 2010

South Dakota Trip

Well bout time I update this journal. It has been a while. I will start with my SD trip in August. I combined a trip to my hometown of Marvin, SD and annual trek to Sturgis for the rally. Trip was great except as we all know time spent is just too short. Started out and spent time with my Dad which is always good to do. I lost my Mom 3 years ago this month so the month of October is not always the best of times, but we all learn to cope.
The first week home was road trips during the day and evenings at the Marvin Bar gotta get up there for the evening cocktail hour as we like to call it. In the meantime two of my friends Russ and Carolyn came through, they were on the way back from Alaska. They managed to ride their Honda Trike all the way up there and back and had a good trip. They worked with me here in Wichita. So while we were there, gave them the tour of the local area and then off to the bar at night.
The night before we left for Sturgis, my friend Joe, his brother Larry and another friend showed up so we all had a great old time. Drinking beer, shaking the dice and just telling lies etc. On Friday morning we left for Sturgis and spent the next few days out there. If you have never been to the rally, it is a sight to see with all the bikes, RV’s, you name it-you will see it. By the way all the young ladies etc. will add a special treat. It is hard to describe, you just have to be there. The riding in the Black Hills is some of the most beautiful country you can ride through. But a word of warning, you have to be careful as there are thousands of bikes on the roads. It is not something to take lightly. With over half a million folks there you can see why. And this year being the 70th rally it was a huge event.
The entertainment at night is something else to see. I have seen some of the best top name rock bands ever. Just to name a few that I have seen: Steppenwolf, Jethro Tull, Whitesnake, Heart, ZZ Top, Journey, Blue Oyster Cult, Styx, Kid Rock, Nickelback, Tesla, Toby Keith (not a rocker but a great country artist who loves this country). My favorites were Jethro Tull and Styx. Jethro Tull is not an individual but a British band, Ian Anderson is the lead singer and one heck of a flute player. Very unique style of music. Styx also great with the keyboard player who spins that keyboard around, he makes the show. Course there are many others, just too hard to remember them all. The ones above really stood out. Of course the "parade" as we like to call it is also a sight.  You will have to ask me about that one.
Also went down to Crazy Horse and met my friends Mike and Leslie. We had a nice lunch there then off to where they were staying in Custer, SD. A very nice campground and I know they liked it a lot as evidenced by their journal entries. So a brief summary of the August trip. I will make a separate entry for the trip home as that is another tail and I need to tell it as it has some important lessons there.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

New Toy

Just trying out my new toy.  Brand new laptop.  Will update more later.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

House Closing

I have been wanting to discuss the closing of the house.  Been a while since I commented on this.  I am amazed at how fast the sale went.  I listed the place in January 2010 and closed in June 2010.  I fully expected it to be a lot longer, but I am glad to be rid of it.  Amazed at how I got rid of bills every month, especially when I hear of rate hikes etc.  The folks that bought the place seemed to be good people and really loved the place.  It was a brother and sister along with their mother.  There were some issues as we got close to closing which I commented on in earlier posts.  They agreed to what I offered on the window replacement and that was a good thing.  Saved me a lot of work.  The delay on the closing had to do with money for new homebuyers from the government.  Once they got that squared away and the down payments were covered, we finally got to close.  It was around 2 weeks later than planned, but it all worked out good.  Couple of times I was getting anxious on whether we were going to close.  But, it finally worked out and I am glad for that.
 I love living in my rig, I do not feel closed in even with long times spent in it.  If they ever say about fulltiming that you won't spend much time in the rig, think again!!  That is why when you look at rigs, take your time, look at lots of models and floorplans.  Get the one that has the "it" factor for you.  Every one of us is different on what our desires are, likes and dislikes.  I strongly feel this area is very important for one to be successful in this lifestyle.  Football season is upon us and winter will be here before we know it.  That will be the test here on how well I survive it.  Being from up north, I understand what the cold can do and should be able to take precautions as needed.  I have also had the pleasure of having some mentors in this undertaking which has been a huge help.  So thanks to Ed and Marilyn, Mike and Leslie, and Howard and Linda.  The one downside is I wish I had someone "special" to share it with me. 
Speaking of football, I hope the Dallas Cowboys can pull it off this year, especially since the Super Bowl will be played in "Cowboys Stadium."  So lets hope they can do it.  "Go Cowboys!!"  Yes, I am a Cowboys fan and proud of it!!!
Ok, enough for this day, am going to get out of here for a while, then on to the bar for a cold beverage and enjoy a good cigar.  Now we have to smoke on the patio or outside due to the recent smoking ban.  That will be a rant for another day.  I have made my point clear at times but, guess we will have to accept it for now.  Last thing I will say is make sure you vote in November.  The right to vote is one of the greatest freedoms we have and I cannot emphasize the importance of exercising that right.  Holiday tomorrow, so this cat may hiss and howl a bit.   

Thursday, September 2, 2010

How we doing

Will make it short, been trying to update my email etc and getting this account to work.  Think I finally got it.  Nice cool nite tonite, cold front blew in and low should get down in the 50's.  Will write about my vacation when I get the urge, hang in there it will be soon.  Guess I had better before I forget all about it.  But for now this lazy cat is going to call it a night. 

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Marvin SD

Back in SD and great to be here.  Only got to 85 yesterday, 109 in Wichita yesterday.  Having a great time here.  More freinds from Wichita will be here tonite and back to the Marvin Bar.  Two days we leave for Sturgis and the rally.  This is the 70th year of the rally so should be a big one.  We shall see.  Short post today, got some things to do before we leave. 

Friday, July 16, 2010

Hot day and ready to hit the waterin hole:)

Hot again today, good news, you do not have to shovel 90 degrees.  Got some foil insulation for some of the windows in the rig.  It helps darken it a bit, but will help Mr. AC and he will thank me for that.  Should make a difference.  Ready to go to SD, just 2 weeks from today I will be there.  Short post tonite as this Kitty Kat is going to clean up and hit the bar.  A cold Bud Light draft beer and cigar are waiting for me.  "Sleepy Truckers" at the bar tonite, good bunch of guys that play good old rock and biker type tunes. 

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Great time with my daughter

Guess, I could make a post here and let you all know what is happening.  Been a good visit with my daughter Becky and my two grandsons Christian and Sean.  They will be leaving and heading back to Brazil, IN tomorrow.  So I wish them well and hope to see them again soon.  Have been dug in here at the trailer park as the kids were in town so did not want to make that drive to and from the lake while they were here, not sure if I will get back there before I go back to SD and Sturgis.  Less than a month away and I am looking forward to that.  Speaking of the lake, it rained all weekend of the 4th so just as well be here. 
I keep saying I will comment on the house sale, maybe soon when I get a wild cat hair and decide to do it.  I can say that I enjoy living in the rig and do not miss the house.  Guess I am getting used to it, but sure nice not to pay the extra bills.  This will aid in the debt reduction plan.  So I will make it a short one tonite and howl at the moon. 

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hot and more Hot.

Hot day here is KS.  Must have got to a 100 today.  Poor airconditioner has all it can do to keep up.  Trying to update financial info etc.  Enjoy the full time style, will be traveling back to SD in a month, then the Sturgis Rally.  Was up there a week ago, rained a lot, but not to fear.  Spent time with my Dad and at the bar.  Was a good trip.  Off to my favorite waterin hole again tonite.
Good news, a judge here in Wichita issued a stay on the statewide smoking ban so there will be a hearing on 15 July 10.  Hopefully they will drop the ban.  I am tired of our freedoms being eroded etc.  That is another day for a rant.  So this kat is going to clean up and get ready to howl for the nite. 

Sunday, June 6, 2010

House Closed

The day finally arrived.  As of June 3, 2010 we closed on the house.  A good feeling, so I am now officially "homeless", oh I guess I forgot, I am in my home.  Plan to go to SD soon, so that will be good.  Keep having the urge to figure what to pack, then I remember I will take my home with me, clothes, "stuff",  internet, you name it.  I will post more later, getting tired, feel the crud coming on and I do not need to be feeling like crap while traveling.  Truck in for service tomorrow, so hope that all goes well. 

Monday, May 31, 2010

Life at the Lake

Fri was a good nite, went to my favorite watering hole, drank beer, smoked cigars, and listened to some great rock and roll by my favorite local band "Ten Day Wish".  These folks are awesome and also great friends.  Had enough to drink and slept very well.  Got up on Sat and had breakfast at the local truck stop in Newton, KS.  They have a great buffet breakfast.
 Some of the best eatin I have had while on the road is the truckstops.  Big rig friendly, room to park, etc.  Just have get used to being on the diesel side with the 18 wheelers etc.  Course some of the rigs we pull are getting to be that type of length.  Big Rig Diesel pumps much faster if you do not mind the oil and grease.  But growing up on the farm and dealing with large equipment, not a big deal for me.
Then off to the lake, some friends showed up and went jet skiing, while I just wanted to relax after a busy week.  We grilled steaks in the evening, then I sat out by the fire and enjoyed the night.  Neighbor came over with some home brew which was quite good.  I gave him one of my rubber chickens as he asked about the one hanging on my king pin.  If you want to know about the chickens I can tell in an email etc. 
Sun, went to town and had a nice lunch with my daughter and then did some shopping with her.  She, her boyfriend and his kids plan to come out here today so should be good to have them out here. 
After I got back to the rig on Sun, put some things away, got ice, prepared to dig in.  But nature had other ideas,  big thunder boomers all evening so that pretty well got everyone headed for cover.  I just dug in and watched the "Patton" movie I had just picked up. 
So today "Memorial Day" a day to remember those who sacrifaced their lives so we may enjoy the freedoms we have.  The down side is I am not in SD.  We always had a service at the local graveyards and paid tribute to those fallen troops.  This was a tradition while growing up at home.  So I will reflect here and remember our troops and give them our support. 
Still not closed on the house,  will give update on another day.  The "goat rope" is now turning into a "cluster" but tomorrow we plan to close.  Will keep you all posted.  So this "kitty cat" is going to clean up and get ready to face the day. 

Friday, May 28, 2010


If all goes well, we finally close on the house.  Scheduled for 4 PM today.  So ends a chapter and beginning of another one.  What a lifestyle change.  Finally able to relax this week at the lake and just drink beer, smoke cigars, and think about life and what is next down the road.  I will keep you all posted. 
By the way been fighting with the Satellite dish all week, but finally got the best of that.  Bought one of those small carry-out dome antennas and so far this rascal seems to do the job, once I got some things figured out with the DVR etc.  Had to get it back to thinking it has only one TV now.  Somtimes trial and error works and even a blind hog will find an ear of corn.  "Goat rope" is a good way to define it.  Guess I should go back to bed, 0530 comes early but could not sleep, so here I sit.
 We close, beer will taste extra good at my favorite watering hole tonite, with my favorite local rock band, "Ten Day Wish".  These are awesome folks and great friends.  I love them and totally enjoy their music.  Will tell more of the move "tails" later.   

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Full Time Rv'er

As of 17 May fulltime Rv'er,  hectic week. details to follow. 

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Closer to the time of full timing.  Hard to believe, kind of bittersweet leaving my house etc.  Got the recliner and a lamp into the rig this evening.  That makes it more homey.  Still staying at the house and RV until I get all settled in. Will be very soon. Closing right around the corner.  Am tired so this will be short.  Email may be changing soon, but will advise.  Hope we don't get tooo many thunderboomers tonite.  Last nite was a doozy.  Tornado very close to the airport here in ICT.  They evacuated the tower etc.  Close call there.  But the hand of God came down and swept it back into the clouds.  Awesome power of a thunderstorm. Not anything to mess with.  Cat is tired so going to take a catnap and howl tomorrow nite.  He gets another life tomorrow. 

Monday, May 3, 2010

Inspection Update

Sometimes it helps when buyers screw around and don't get paperwork back on time.  Too many cooks in the kettle and you all know what that means.  Anyway, they did not get the reply back to me which acknowledges the requirements for the house, so I made a deal through my agent and I agreed to pay for a window replacement (they originally were to do that) if they dropped the requirements.  So they took me up on it and agreed to drop the other requirements.  Gotta love it.  They were quite simple and I agreed to them, but my agent thought it was a good idea so we presented them with it.  Success!!
 So window is ordered and we now go into the holding pattern and see where it pans out.  Hopefully we exit the hold and get on with it.  I am so ready to get this crap out of here, relax, and take a load off. 
I hate the moving and keeping a lot in storage, but have a ranch house in SD for the future if I so desire.  Plus nice to have exit strategy if things do not work out.  However, I am the optimistic type and will make this change in lifestyle work. 
Still got much to do, computer backups, new laptop, dome dish antenna, (one they sell from Camping World), dish changover etc.  Guess I better get off my butt and get this all done.  By the way, that small antenna I mentioned has gotten great reviews so that is a plus. 
So I see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel, please don't tell me it is another train.  I have already seen the train.  :)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Inspection Complete

Well, we got the inspection paperwork back today.  Not bad on the requests from the buyers, just a few things which I have agreed to.  I need to in order to ensure the sale goes through.  So it will cost some money, but soon enough I will be out of here.  Time is going by quick, got to haul some more stuff, get a laptop and back up files on CD, so I guess I had better get off my butt and get this all done.  Not looking forward to it, but it is what I have to do.  Talked to a moving company today and got a plan together so will set a date and be gone from here.  Will update on this site dates etc. after I am moved out.  I should be busy this weekend and most likely every one until I get moved.  Will have plenty of time to enjoy the RV living, glad I did a shakedown cruise and will get a plan together.   So, the "CAT" will be on the prowl soon. 

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Haulin More Stuff

Made a couple trips to the storage place this weekend, slowly getting stuff cleared out.  Will be glad when over.  My target date is in May sometime.  Then full-time in the rig, "holy cow"  this is happening quick.  Understand what Howard and Linda say about emotions.  Mine run at times too, wondering if I am making the right decision etc.  That is why the storage, besides we have a house on the ranch in SD, so if I decide to move into it I will have that capability.  However when I retire, my plans are to be in the southern part of the country.  If anyone has endured a SD winter, you will understand why. 
Not a lot to report, just keep plugging away and taking life a day at a time.  Besides got the rig in the shop, getting some mods to the cabinets and warranty work done.  Wonder why the builders go with such cheap products.  Had to replace the fireplace, now the ceiling fan.  Made in China.  Don't get me started.  It has to make dealers frustrated as well, think of the time and cost for them to do warranty work.  I do understand if they get cranky as well.  They want so sell a good product and would rather not see it in the shop all the time. Then we wonder why the prices keep climbing.  I will nitpick on warranty items, the cost we pay for this equipment is just too high to ignore the problem. 

My dealer "Wichita RV" has been absolutely great on fixing any problems I have had and I know I am not alone here.  Just hope when I start living in it full time I won't have toooo many problems.  But we all know that issues come up and we deal with them as they arrive.  I understand that after being around airplanes, farm equipment, motorcycles, etc. it comes with the beast.  I know a number of others experience problems as well.  However, a good feeling is that we have a great suppport network of other RV'ers out there. 

One of the best sources for information is Howard and Linda's site http://www.rvdreams.com/.  Check this site out and you will see what I mean.  They have really put a lot of effort here.  They along with Ed and Marilyn have been a great inspiration and support for me and I thank all of you for that.   Ok, enough of a rant, but sometimes this "cat" has to get if off his chest.  Then he will be in a better mood to enjoy what I see as a wonderful lifestyle. 

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Signed a contract on the house last night.  In a week or so, after inspection and appraisal go thru, hopefully we are out of the woods.  The full timing is coming faster than I thought it would.  Like a whirlwind.  Don't want to get hopes up yet, party ain't over till the paperwork is signed and I hand over the keys.  So will keep you all posted.  Wish me luck. 

Friday, April 2, 2010

At the Lake

Finally, got the rig at the lake and have been living in it all week.  Very enjoyable, got a nice site with a view to the small pond that is below the dam.  As of now I plan to stay out there another week and then take the rig to the shop for some minor modifications to the kitchen cabinets etc.  Rain storm this AM so a good time to get some needed rest time.  Besides at 0800 still pretty dark from all the black clouds etc.  Came to town today and went to the office to catch up, then do laundry and head back out.  Will not come back until I go to work on Monday.  A beautiful day today, so laundry hurry up, cold beer at the rig and brats for supper tonite.  Hopefully my daughter and her family will be able to join me on Sunday.  Only communication I have with the outside world is my two Blackberrys, one from work and the other personel.  Can get email etc.  Will not be online in the rig until I sell the house and get a good laptop setup.  So the cat will wave his tail tonite and enjoy the outdoors and peace and quiet.

Monday, March 29, 2010

RV at the Lake

Finally did it.  Got the rig out to the lake, El Dorado Lake that is.  Got it de-winterized, checked tire pressures and aired up to include the spare.  Water system works, no leaks yet.  Checked heat and AC, all good so far.  She is lookin like a piece of home.  Now, I need to stock the fridge with beer, food, etc.  Will do that tomorrow.  Going to live in it for a few days, got a nice spot below the dam until they get the water on up at Area 4 of Bluestem point.  I will live out there off and on until the house is sold.  Wish me luck.  Hope the weather gods are good and we have good weather, but as we know here in Kansas, if you don't like the weather, wait 1 hour.  In SD, wait is only 15 minutes.  Enough for tonite, I  am a tired pup.  "Cathouse" is open for business.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Is winter over yet???

Guess I better make a post to this thing.  You all might think I forgot to.  Another open house yesterday, went well according to my agent.  Hopefully some good prospects.  Just show me the money so I can sell the joint.  Need the extra money to pay other bills and more health insurance.  Yes, they passed the health Care Bill yesterday.  I am not into the government getting more and more into our lives.  What has happened in this great country??  I will vote in the primarys and in November and I plan to hold our elected officials accountable for their actions, that includes the local government in my home state of SD.  Please get out and vote, it is a valuable right that we have and I strongly say, that we must exercise that right.  Too many things being taken away, smoking bans, extra taxes, you name it.  The results are not good.  It is getting out of control.  I have read other blogs and I know that I am not alone in my feelings. 

Ok, enough of a rant for one day, but I am sure there will be others.  More positive things, joined Escapees RV club.  From what I see they offer one heck of a lot for the Fulltime RV'er.  Got tax money back, paid some bills and a huge payment on my Harley.  One small payment left and she is mine.  No banker owning her anymore.  Like sharing your girlfriend, not a good thing.  Now that money will help on getting rid of more bills.  It is like eating an elephant.  Ok, you ask: how do I eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.  Pretty soon he is all gone.

Pray for good weather, ready to get the rig out, de-winterize, and get it ready to live in.  I will live out at the lake at least part time until the house is sold.  Also want to get the bike out as well.  Ok enough BS for one night.  But, you all stay tuned and hear the yowl of the cat. 

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Day with Daughter

Today, spent most of it with my daughter Tina who lives here in ICT.  It is great to have at least one of my kids here.  Spent the day taking a load of pallets out to the storage place and then drove around the park at El Dorado lake where I plan to live for part of the summer.  Looking and comparing notes on spots and getting her opinion on what would be good if she along with her boyfriend and kids come out.  Got to have a place for the kids to play plus a decent spot to pitch a tent.  They would rather be in the tent.  In fact the kids have started to become "grandkids" of my own along with my other two grandsons.  Not sure if I posted, but my other daughter Becky had her second; a boy, name is Sean Joseph Gonzales.  Photos on facebook, will have to post some here. 

Had another open house today so a good time to "get out of dodge" if ya know what I mean.  My rule is to take a load of stuff from the house to the storage each time I make a trip out there and that is working well.  Before you know it, should have a good portion of it out of here, also a good time to sort and toss. 

I am ready to take the rig to the lake and live there for a short period before the house sells, get a feel for what I need to do.  However, the "weather guesser" does not seem to want to cooperate.  Looks nice all week and then weekend comes with cold and windy.  I am hoping to be out there by the end of this month.  So raise a toast to the "weather gods" and hope they will toss winter aside and allow spring to arrive.  I am so ready, guess I need to take a dose of patience.  Well, enough "cat crap" for one day. 

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Taxes filed

Got the taxes filed tonite.  Will be good to get refund.  Will pay off the Harley with part of it along with some other bills.  Late nite so will be short.  Another open house this weekend.  Hopefully an offer soon.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New Grandson

Last week was a happy time as my daughter Becky had her second child.  A boy named Sean Joseph Gonzales born on Feb 18, 2010.  I am very proud of my daughter and her family.  Sean joins his older brother Christian who is over 2 years old and he is thrilled with his baby brother.  So a very happy time here.  Not much to report, waiting for the weather to warm up so I can get the rig out to the lake.  About three more weeks.  Still waiting on a good offer on the house but, no takers yet.  Wish me luck here, guess I just need to be more patient.  Well, enough "Cattails" for today.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Carpet Clean

Very nice of my real estate agent to come over this evening and help clean the carpet in the living room and one of the bedrooms.  Should be quite an improvement.  Thank you, Kay.  Another open house this coming Sunday, so wish me luck. 

Won't be much moving this weekend, as I am going to drop off some pallets at the storage place and go to the Sport Boat and Travel Show this weekend.  See what kind of deals there are on outdoor gear etc.  Plus many of the parks around the country are there.  Always enjoy going, gets me in the mood for spring, tired of the cold. 

Not much to report, got to be at work early tomorrow as the FAA is coming over to do an audit.  Like we always say "they are here to help"  and we say back to them "we are glad you are here."  How is that for a pair of lies. 

Like the sign I am going to hang in the rig.  "Hunters, fishermen, and other liars gather here." :) 

Stay tuned for more "tall tails." 

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Open House # 2

Had the second open house today.  My agent commented that it shows well.  Guess the work of "de-clutter" will pay off.  Now, lets get an offer.  Yesterday great day for moving and packing stuff, no wind and able to have garage open.  Also took some stuff to the storage.  Made a decision that anything more to go in RV will go to storage locker first and then to RV soon as it dries up a bit around the rig.  Getting my carpet dirty going in the bedroom.  Besides the storage locker is dry etc.  Easier to sort stuff there. 

Now today, windy and cold.  Not much incentive to face the elements, spent part of the time at the local Harley-Davidson shop and amazing thing, I did not spend a single penny there.  Guess the reality of moving into a smaller space is enough incentive.  Besides, got enough Harley stuff anyway, T-shirts, hats, you name it.  If anyone of you saw my rig at the last rally, you can see that I like the Harley decor. 

Another work day tomorrow, thankfully I enjoy the job and believe me that makes it much easier to go in and pour your heart into it.  I am very thankful for what I have, as I can remember the days of layoffs and believe me when it happened to me over 17 years ago was not the most positive thing that happened.  The thing I learned from it is never take anything for granted and thank the good Lord above for giving me the strength to keep plugging along and realize my dreams.

 Ed and Marilyn, you all have been a light at the end of the tunnel.  By keeping up with your blogs you have proven that this can and will be a worthwhile lifestyle.  Also, your words of encouragement on your blog has given me some incentive to get off my rear and drop a line onto mine.  Thank you for your words of encouragement. 

Will keep you all posted on these "Cattails".

Monday, February 8, 2010

Open House

Good way to spend Super Sunday, being away from the home so the agent can hold an open house.  Glad that she made good comments on how I reduced some of the clutter.  However garage is a disaster area, where is a tornado when you need one.  So to kill time before the big game went out to the storage facility in El Dorado to drop off some items for the RV.  She looked so cold and lonesome sitting there, guess she wants to go out and get on the road.  "Cathouse" will be open soon.  Got to get rid of this snow and cold.

 I remember as a kid on the farm after the snow, shovel out the feed bunks so we can feed the cattle (just think of all those nice T-bone steaks), dig the barn door out so we can get in and do the chores, hope we plugged in the tractor the nite before so it will start on a cold morning.  Need it to feed the critters.  Some of the good about the snow, riding our sleds as kids, ride a big boy sled i.e. a snowmobile, ice fishing,  a good ol snowball fight. 

However, now I wait for spring, the green grass, trees, cold 12 pack in the cooler, living at the lake in the RV and having a way to relax and get away from the everyday stuff about life and just live for the moment.

Ok, what else did I do yesterday?  Well, I got the storage locker secured, moved the motorcycle trailer into it and then went to friend's house to watch the Super Bowl.  Thought the Colts may pull it out, but that onside kick and the teamwork by the Saints allowed them to take the crown.  Too bad the Cowboys were not there, but maybe another time. 

Soon as we can get a weekend where the weather will be good, maybe I can clean out the garage and make more room there and keep sorting "stuff" and deciding what will go to storage, throw out, or move to RV.  Guess the best thing for the near future is I can live in the rig and decide as I go for the first few months as to what I want to have in the rig and what is not needed.  Goal, keep the weight down.  I read a lot of blogs, so if you all have any words of wisdom, I will certainly appreciate them.  To quote the words of the best newsman, whom I had the pleasure of meeting a few years ago; Walter Cronkite.  "And that's the way it is."

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Open House

Sunday, a good day to get out of the house seeing they want to have an open house here.  Guess I will spend Sunday watching the Super Bowl elsewhere.  Still trying to reduce the clutter.  Got my hands on a storage place so that will help if "Ol Man Weather" will cooperate so I can haul "stuff" out.  May have a home for my model tractors (Franklin Mint), my Nephew who is a farm boy like me.  He will enjoy them and they will fit our past and still present lifestyle.  Hard to take the farm boy out of me, I wish anyone luck in trying.  But I have to keep looking and realize when I am at the lake this summer with a cold "Barley Pop", good cigar, and Def Lepard playing on the outdoor stereo it will all be worth it.  I am anxious for winter to be over with, so I can get the RV out and start living and keeping life simple and stress free.  I will keep you all posted on how this "tail' works out. 

Live free, and enjoy the ride.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

House listed

Getting closer to dream of being a full time RV'er.  Started moving "stuff" to the RV this weekend and have begun the chore of cleaning up the house to get it "sale ready."  Will be glad when this is all done.  Can't wait to live out at the lake this summer.  I plan to keep working, pay the bills, take the stress out of life and enjoy the ride. 

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

House listed

Well, listed the house today. Plans to become a full time RV'er are in the works.