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Cathouse in the Snow

Cathouse in the Snow
What a lovely day in Paradise

Monday, May 31, 2010

Life at the Lake

Fri was a good nite, went to my favorite watering hole, drank beer, smoked cigars, and listened to some great rock and roll by my favorite local band "Ten Day Wish".  These folks are awesome and also great friends.  Had enough to drink and slept very well.  Got up on Sat and had breakfast at the local truck stop in Newton, KS.  They have a great buffet breakfast.
 Some of the best eatin I have had while on the road is the truckstops.  Big rig friendly, room to park, etc.  Just have get used to being on the diesel side with the 18 wheelers etc.  Course some of the rigs we pull are getting to be that type of length.  Big Rig Diesel pumps much faster if you do not mind the oil and grease.  But growing up on the farm and dealing with large equipment, not a big deal for me.
Then off to the lake, some friends showed up and went jet skiing, while I just wanted to relax after a busy week.  We grilled steaks in the evening, then I sat out by the fire and enjoyed the night.  Neighbor came over with some home brew which was quite good.  I gave him one of my rubber chickens as he asked about the one hanging on my king pin.  If you want to know about the chickens I can tell in an email etc. 
Sun, went to town and had a nice lunch with my daughter and then did some shopping with her.  She, her boyfriend and his kids plan to come out here today so should be good to have them out here. 
After I got back to the rig on Sun, put some things away, got ice, prepared to dig in.  But nature had other ideas,  big thunder boomers all evening so that pretty well got everyone headed for cover.  I just dug in and watched the "Patton" movie I had just picked up. 
So today "Memorial Day" a day to remember those who sacrifaced their lives so we may enjoy the freedoms we have.  The down side is I am not in SD.  We always had a service at the local graveyards and paid tribute to those fallen troops.  This was a tradition while growing up at home.  So I will reflect here and remember our troops and give them our support. 
Still not closed on the house,  will give update on another day.  The "goat rope" is now turning into a "cluster" but tomorrow we plan to close.  Will keep you all posted.  So this "kitty cat" is going to clean up and get ready to face the day. 

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